Ephesus Tour For Cruise Guests: Diamonds

  • Maximum group size of 14

  • Skip-the-line through separate entrance

  • 6 Hours

    • Explore the well-preserved ancient ruins of Ephesus
    • Admire at Ephesus Museum
    • Enjoy a delicious traditional Turkish lunch at a carpet village
    • Experience a hassle-free tour with transportation and pre-arranged activities
    • Discover the historical significance of the Temple of Artemis

Embark on an enriching Ephesus tour from Kusadasi port, where you´ll delve into the fascinating history and cultural treasures of this ancient region. Your adventure begins with a visit to the captivating ancient city of Ephesus, renowned for its remarkably preserved ruins.

As you step onto the marble streets of Ephesus, you´ll be transported back in time to the glory days of the Roman Empire. Explore the well-preserved structures such as the magnificent Library of Celsus, the grand Theater, and the impressive Temple of Hadrian. Marvel at the intricate architectural details and imagine the vibrant life that once thrived within these ancient walls.

Next, you´ll have the opportunity to visit the Ephesus Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts from the ancient city. Discover a remarkable collection of sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and other archaeological finds that provide a deeper understanding of the daily life and rich cultural heritage of Ephesus. Expert guides will accompany you, offering insights into the significance and historical context of each exhibit.

Continuing your journey, you´ll be transported to a traditional carpet village where you will enjoy a delicious lunch, where you´ll witness the centuries-old artistry of Turkish carpet weaving. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and skilled craftsmanship as you learn about the meticulous techniques employed by local artisans. Observe weavers in action, creating masterpieces with traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. You´ll also have the opportunity to explore a wide selection of carpets, woven with exquisite precision, and perhaps even acquire a unique piece to commemorate your visit.

To conclude the tour, you´ll visit the legendary Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Though now a fragmentary ruin, the temple´s historical significance and architectural grandeur remain awe-inspiring. Listen to captivating stories of its former glory and imagine the majestic spectacle it once presented to ancient visitors.

Throughout the Ephesus tour, knowledgeable guides will provide captivating commentary, bringing history to life and offering a deeper appreciation of the sites you explore. From the ancient ruins of Ephesus and the artifacts housed in the Ephesus Museum to the artistry of the carpet village and the remnants of the Temple of Artemis, this tour promises an unforgettable journey through time, immersing you in the captivating heritage of this remarkable region.


    • Professional Licensed Tour Guidance
    • Private Brand-New Mercedes with Wi-Fi & Bottle of Water
    • Deluxe Lunch at Traditional Carpet Village
    • Parking Fees
    • Pick Up & Drop Off from Kusadasi Port


    • Admission Fees to Ephesus
    • Admission Fees to Ephesus Museum
    • Driver & Guide Gratuities
    • Personal Expenses


* per adult
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