The Tumuli of Güzir of B.C 9 located in ravishing Botan Valley, Tumuli of Türbe of B.C. 8, Tumuli of Başur adorned with stunning bronze tomb gifts and Tumuli of Çattepe/Till (Tell Fafan) established in early Roman times as a prominent coastal town upon the crossroads of Botan and Dicle Rivers are among the most magnificent unearthed archeological sites of the city.

If you prick up your ears, you may hear whispers of history sprawling from Citadels of Kormas, Derzin and Şirvan (Küfe)historical Bridge of Nasreddin and Gerre Inn; majestic Ulu Mosque, the landmark of the city with minarets decorated with gorgeous tiles and countless shrines which reward the city with the title of “City of Evliya”, man of God.

Get lost in the maze of streets ornated with narrow gateways called “sabat”, wander through rock-hewn houses called “cas”, one of the superb examples of rock craftsmanship and do not forget to visit Ismail Fakirullah Tomb to see its “Light Refraction Mechanism” inscribed on UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage in 2015 and İbrahim Hakkı Hazretleri Museum. You will be thrilled to see how cultures, religions, traditions, and customs exist without destroying one another.

How to get there?

Direct flights are available to Siirt from other cities of Türkiye. Should you wish to rent a car, from all cities of Türkiye highway connection to Siirt is also available. Moreover, you may take the famous “Kurtalan Express” train for a more nostalgic trip.